Monday, September 22, 2008

Groceries and Country Dinner

Beginning of the week means grocery run! This time we went to the local discount grocer and walked out with a ton of food for only $65.

Some findings were more exciting than others. The coolest finds are the items below. I'll list them from left to right: Ponzu (I've never used it before), Zico coconut water, Nayonaise (for less than $1.50), an Aloo Chole spice mix, "not-beef" boullion cubes, vanilla soy yogurt, really pretty eggplants, Bac'uns (another first...I don't know if I will like them), Spike seasoning, vegan worchestershire sauce, and tamari. In front there is a rice milk crisp bar and mugwort leaf soba noodles. I don't even know what mugwort is, but they have a slight green tinge. I'm also excited a frozen vegan pumpkin pie (only 3 bucks!) and MimiCreme (99 cents).

For dinner we had some green beans that we canned over the summer with some new potatoes, onion, garlic, EB, and pepper. We also sliced up and salted a tomato and formed some of Vegan Dad's beef seitan into "cube steaks"
It was really tasty, but the meatiness was almost disconcerting (not that I really remember the taste/texture of meat). I don't make seitan very often because I find that the gluten sits rather heavily in my stomach, but Vegan Dad's recipes are always worth it (and much less "gluten-y" than other recipes).

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