Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nature is pretty

So.....I haven't posted in a while....quite a while. Still, I have been eating. I tried some of Turtle Mountain's coconut milk based yogurt. I had the vanilla flavor which was pretty tasty but maybe a tad on the sweet side, but that is normally the case with vanilla yogurt. The texture was really creamy. There was no need for stirring to get rid of lumps like in many soy based yogurts, these was also a pleasant absence of "soy-y" aftertaste. I have the passion fruit mango flavor in the fridge for a later date.

A couple weekends ago I went camping with some friends and it was awesome! The leaves were changing and the air was crisp. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back right now.
I love living in the mountains, especially this time of year.
Now to the cooking. I made the pumpkin baked ziti with carmelized onions and sage bread crumbs from the Veganomicon (probably not the exact name, but I left the book at my parent's house). It was really good comfort food, and very seasonally appropriate which is a plus. Isa's cashew ricotta is amazing stuff.Obviously, I haven't been living off of this pasta dish (despite the temptation) but everything else that I have eaten has just been thrown together at the last minute. I kept forgetting to take pictures and the few times I remembered the food was just way too ugly to record photographically.

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