Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh no, she's gone political

Don't worry I'm not turning this blog into a soap box, politically themed venting is what my friends are for. I just wanted to share a picture that I found on cnn.com during the third presidential debate.

I was amused because I thought Cindy McCain looked like an orange Stepford Wife combined with a Frankenstein-style zombie (Oooh, Halloweeny). But, to be fair and balanced (ha ha Fox news) its not a very flattering picture for anyone.

Also, check out Michael Pollan's recent piece in the Food Issue of the New York Times, Farmer in Chief. It is a letter to the next president. There was also a recent interview on NPR about the piece. I only caught a bit of it but you can find it on their website.

Phew, two posts in one day. I probably won't post again for a month, just kidding.


Celine said...

you know the photog was having a bitchy day, on that one.
(good for him!)

The Walris said...

yeah, that photographer made the right choice in putting that picture up